The Great TML Landgrab

TML Landgrab FAQ

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>Since I am a latecomer to this thread, what is the landgrab?

Back in March 2000, during an unusually annoying flame-fest, TML Great
Old One Doug Berry (yes the Doug Berry who wrote GT: Ground Forces)
suggested that:

**begin quote**

Anyone interested takes a world in the Spinward Marches and details the
hell out of it. First In would be preferred, but any of the earlier
systems will be acceptable. Climate, Culture, Ecosystems, Government,
odd laws, religions, notable events for 1100-1120, linguistic notes..
everything to make each world a living experience.

**end quote**

Does that help?



>How does one participate in the landgrab?
>what are the rules?

First, you have to post a thorough and detailed essay analyzing the
differences between world scaping as described by Roger Zelazney in Isle
of the Dead and To Die in Italbar with ordinary terraforming as practiced
by the Imperial Ministry of Colonization and its Zhodani and Solomani
counterparts.  Provide special sections addressing: functionality of end
result to ordinary world dwellers; advantages and disadvantages of each
method to interstellar society; and consideration of approaches likely
used by the Ancients.

A panel of Great Old Ones will review your essay and grant you entry to
the Landgrab.


	<very fine print>

	Note that the prospective Landgrabber [hereafter "Victim"] may (and in
	some cases must) submit any Landgrabs in the Spinward Marches (or in
	other regions and/or jurisdictions within the OTU or any known or
	potential variants, as may be determined by any interested parties) to
	the Great Old Ones [hereafter "GOOs] via psionic means.  Note also that
	submitting a Landgrab to the GOOs (or other interested parties), by any
	means, may involve _awakening_ said GOOs (or other interested parties),
	with potential deleterious effects on the Victim, the immediate family
	of the Victim, any other chattels and/or associates belonging, related,
	or pertaining to the Victim, and/or the reality paradigm of the Victim.
	By submitting a prospective Landgrab to the GOOs (or to any other
	interested parties), via any means, the Victim totally and permanently
	absolves the following entities of any liability for damages or harms
	related in any way to participation in the TML, the TML Landgrab, and/or
	any other activities related in any way to the GOOs, the TML, or the TML
	Landgrab: The GOOs (to include any entity that has been, currently is,
	or may in the future be described as or known as a GOO in any context);
	past, present, and/or future TML members; past, present, and future
	Landgrab participants; the various hosting and sponsoring bodies of the
	TML, past present, or future; Bill and/or Hillary Clinton; any other
	firms associated with the TML (including, but not limited to: the ISPs
	of past, present, and/or future TML members; any Web hosting services
	used by past, present, and/or future TML members; the ISPs of past,
	present, and/or future Landgrab participants; any Web hosting services
	used by past, present, and/or future Landgrab participants); any other
	entities, known or unknown, related or pertaining to the TML Landgrab;
	and any other entity in any known or unknown universe or reality.

	</very fine print>




>What do you base your write up on?
>Is there a minimum number of resources?

IMO..You need at least the Regency Sourcebook or GT:BTC and Book 6 Scouts or
GT First in for a complete write up...Part of the Landgrab requirements were
a complete write up from First In or Book 6...



>Will this become part of Traveller canon?

Canon for whom? What is canon? Are we prophets of truth or gamers? :>

But seriously, probably not. Unless your material is so wonderful that someone 
writing a publication asks to use it. Or maybe you'll want to publish a sector 
sourcebook for T20 or T5 or something. But nothing here is cleared through Marc
Miller or any other sanctioning body.