The Great TML Landgrab



This data was generated using the 'Extended System Generation Checklist' from Classic Traveller, Book 6: Scouts, a product of Game Designers Workshop, the Intellectual Property of which is held by Marc Miller


Horosho/2138Glisten/Spinward Marches

System Data:

Orbit Name UPP Remarks

Primary Shibumi F5 V Main Sequence (white)

1 Gojika Y100167 A Research base

2 Planetoid Belt H000375 7 Population composed of independant belters

3 Gaijin Y3B5000 0 Sulfuric acid seas

4 Horosho C3378A6 A S Main world; military base

60 Kiki F103267 9 Military base

5 Shiva F214415 A Military base; site of Vyza Ltd's main repair yards

6 Planetoid belt F005315 8 Vyza Ltd's Primary fueling base

7 (Empty Orbit) Scattered cometary debris

8 Moscva G490310 5 Site of the 'Shokoko Bar, Grill & Pumping Station'



World Data:(All figures based on Earth Standard)

World Volume Mass Surface Surface Escape Axial Tilt Eccen- % Luminous Change

Area Gravity Velocity (off vert.) tricity Periastron/Apastron

_________________________ (km/sec)________________________________________

Gojika .0019 .0019 .015 .122 1.35 30% .005 101 99

Belt (1) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Gaijin .053 .053 .141 .377 4.13 23% .015 103 97

Horosho .053 .053 .141 .377 4.13 10% .015 103 97

Kiki .0019 .0019 .015 .122 1.35 15% .005 101 99

Shiva .015 .015 .063 .240 2.69 40% .010 102 98

Belt (2) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Moscva .125 .125 .250 .500 5.49 36% .020 104 96

Stellar Data:

Stellar Magnitude 3.40

Stellar Luminosity 3.5

Stellar Effective Temperature 6700*K

Stellar Radii 1.4

Stellar Masses 1.3

Spectral Class F5

Stellar Size code V (Main Sequence)

Color White

Habitable Zone Distance 1.9 AU (std)

Orbital Period (Horosho) 474.825 days (std)

Orbital Distance (Horosho) 2.01 AU (std)






Early History and Settlement

First settled in 565, no one believed the Horosho would ever amount to much as a world. Only marginally habitable to begin with, Lubeck & Co Mining, a small, family-owned belter company, established the first outpost as a dirt-side 'rest-stop' for 'cabin-fevered' belters working the systems' two planetoid belts.

Over time, drifters, burnouts and various other ne'er-do-wells washed up on the planet. Using decommisioned starship hulls and other low-quality shelters, the tiny settlement began to grow.



Population Explosion

Things continued this way on Horosho until 803, when three things happened. First, the IISS decided to open an X-Boat Way Station on the world. This would later expand into the present Scout Base.

Second, a small group of minor imperial nobles (of the fifth- and sixth-sons type) began investing enough money in the world to draw the interest of both Tukera Lines and Ling Standard Products, both of whom established way stations and minor repair yards on the world. The two megacorps also financed the expansion of the port to its current Class 'C' rating.

Last, although given little notice at the time, was the arrival on-planet of the bulk of the Ecclesia Stella Catholica, a heretical off-shoot of the Church of the Stellar Divinity.

The ESC espoused a pseudo-mystical/hedonistic dogma whose ultimate aim was to populate the universe with as many sentient beings as possible...and consequently forbade virtually all forms of reproductive regulation. The loose, free-wheeling society of Horosho took to the new religion like a nail to a magnet. Horosho's population began to expand at a frightening rate, outstripping domestic food production within thirty years.



The Mailed Fist

With the spectre of famine looming, drastic action was needed--and was taken.

The commander of Drake's Demon's, the mercenary infantry battalion LSP had hired as the garrison for the starport, seized power in a lightning coup-de-tat on 166-830, arresting both the government (the 'Steering Committee'), and the High Synod of the ESC.

Colonel Silas Drake quickly proferred charges (possibly trumped-up) of embezz-

alment, extortion, raceterring and "moral decreptitude" against most of the members of both groups, the bulk of whom were soon exiled under Imperial protection. Martial law was declared, food rationing imposed, "food hoarding" was made a capitol crime (several 'offenders' were actually 'spaced' as examples on planet-wide newsfeed), and the Colonel managed to quickly secure a loan from Hortalez et Cie to purchase several huge food shipmements from Overnale (1937/Glisten).

Although many questioned the ability of a "mere mercenary" to carry off such a complex operation, an investigation by the Imperial Ministry of Justice was unable to return charges against either Col. Drake, or any corporate official. Still, questions remain.

On 167-831, Silas Drake chaired the first session of the Presidium of the People, becoming the first Chancellor of Horosho.



Corruption and Rejuvenation

After the coup, Horosho stabilized, becoming a remarkably sedate stop in Glisten; only the occasional Vargr or Sword Worlder raid during the Frontier Wars disturbed Horosho's relative tranquility. Large families remained the rule, not the exception.

This began to change in 1080. Slowly at first, then more quickly, factional politics began to polarize the Presidium. A series of weak Chancellors only exacerbated the situation.

Matters came to a head in 1097, when Chancellor Jaime Svoboda died before appointing a successor (by Horoshan law, no sitting Chancellor may appoint as their successor any family member related closer than second cousin, by blood or marriage). The Presidium screeched to a halt, completely unable to choose a new Chancellor.

Into this morass stepped Imperial Navy Lieutenant Liisha'an 'Lish' Dervan. In transit to her new posting in Trojan Reach, Lt. Dervan's transport misjumped into Horosho, and had to remain until repairs could be made.

According to Horosho's official history of the chain of events, Lt. Dervan, while dining at a restaurant outside the starport, intervened between the leaders of two factions before they could come to blows. Impressed by both her magnanimity and diplomacy, the leaders first convinced, then sponsored, her as the alternative candidate with no partisan connection to any side. Her election was greeted with relief by most Horoshan's as a welcome change from the distressing partisan politics they had become frustrated with. The detention and later expulsion of several Imperial nobles was dismissed as "...spoiled brats angry at not getting their way."

The actual chain of events, as puzzled out by the MoJ (and, reportedly, Imperial Naval Intelligence), is rather different.

[Editor's note: the following version of events is vehemently denied by the Chancellor's Office of Public Comment]

Lieutenant Dervan's vessel was suspiciously easy to fix, implying that the ship 'misjumped' intentionally. While the exact circumstances of her 'restaurant recruitment' remain murky, the upwelling of popular support for her among Horoshans was definately the result of extensive, not to mention expensive, 'spin doctoring' financed by the shadowy figure of Venkata Vyza, CEO of Vyza Ltd., a shipping line bridging the gap into Trojan Reach. How extensive Lt. Dervan's support was among members of the Presidium is open to question, considering that after she was comfirmed in her position she immediately exercised her perogative as Chancellor to enact the 'Ultimate Decree' and suspend the Presidium "...until such time as the people of this blessed world heal themselves of the cancer of divisivness."

Whatever the truth of the backroom dealings that placed Lish Dervan in power on Horosho, she is firmly in the Chacellor's chair, with the broad support of the population. Official recognition of her Chancellorship by the Imperium is belived to be forthcoming shortly, although concerns exist over Chancellor Dervan's expansionistic tendencies (see the entry for Wurzburg 2237/Glisten).



Current Events

Lish Dervan has succeeded in construction a solid state based oupon the principle of "facism with a kind face". It appears that no real opposition to her rule exists on-planet.

With the rapid 'capitol-indutrial' development now taking place, Horosho is poised to become an economic power in Glisten, as the 'Gateway to the Trojan Reach'. The primary engine driving this developement is Vyza Ltd.

Headquartered on Horosho, Vyza Ltd. is the creation of, and wholly-owned by, the mysterious figure of Venkata Vyza. Little is known of this person, beyond a few references to an origin somewhere in Foreven Sector. Vyza Ltd. operates a fleet of 'East Indiaman' Type M 'Armed Merchants' (see the Megatraveller product 'Vigilante'), and Vyza Ltd's own design, the 'Privateer'-class vessel copied from the Vargr corsair. Vyza Ltd. is financing the expansion of Horosho's port facility to Class 'B'. It is believed that he has even larger plans for Horosho--namely, turning it into a Class 'A' starport.