The Great TML Landgrab

876-574/Five Sisters/Spinward Marches 0140 (Grabber: Mike McKeown)

I chose this world because I was basing a campaign around this world.

Main world - E687200-0 Lo nln 702 KV7

Star temperature- 4,100K Luminosity .16 Mass .63 Radius .0062  lifespan 41
100 diameterdistance 1.24

BtC: Starport: Class I, Diameter 5,656 miles (9,100km). Atmosphere: Dense
Oxygen Nitrogen.
Surface Water 65% (deep oceans). Climate: very warm. Government: None.
Control Rating: 0
TL 1.

It orbits a KV7 class star which is dimmer than Sol. The main world is .35
AU's away. It is in thesecond orbit slot. It has a 100.16 day "year".  The
length of day or night is 47 days. The axial tilt
is 29 degrees. The temperature increase for the summer is 16.2 degrees. The
average temperatureof the world according to G: Space is 90 degrees F.
Density 5.6 The main world has one moonwhich is 275 miles in diameter. The
moon orbits at 54,000 miles from the planet.

There are eight planets in this system.

1   Y300000-0 .12 AU distance from star
2.. E687200-0 .35 AU distance from star
3.  Y510000 0 .82 AU distance from star
4.  Y210000 0 1.5 AU distance from star
5. Y200000 0 2.8 AU distance from star

The first four orbits of the star are filled with lifeless rockballs. None
have been surveyed formineral wealth.

6. L GG (129,000 mile diameter 11 satellites 2 medium moons) 6.8 AU distance
7. L GG (141,000 mile diameter 20 satellites 1 medium moons) 11.3 AU
8. Y200000 0 (icy rockball) 22.5 AU distance from star

The outer system is unremarkable except for the 2 large gas gaints.

The starport is little more than several slabs of granite laid out to make a
runway with a firepit nearby for a signal fire to guide ships by. The
Starport was created hundreds of years ago by carving granite out of the
sides of the mountains which line the center of the islands.

BtC has a size of 5,656 and surface water of 65%. Another difference from CT
is that BtC has
this world as an Imperial planet. There is a misprint on pages 51 and 142.
The X-boat link should be to Raweh not 876-574.

There is as far as I know only 2 references to this back water world. One in
BtC and another in
GT; Far Trader. GT; Far Trader has the planet listed with an Exotic Ocean.
p. 129. I have chosen to ignore this in my write up and base the planet on
water oceans. BtC states in part "a world with
a small stone age population of humans inhabiting the planet's jungle
covered islands" Ok...hold back the thoughts of Gilligans island :)

There are seven large islands covering the planet each about roughly 3,800
square km. Each island contains various mammalian, reptilian and insect
life. The seas are home to a variety of species as well. The tribe hunts a
large sea dwelling carnivore which it uses for a variety of uses. .
The tribe relishes the hunting of the creature and celebrates the hunt in
stories and in dance  .Bone carving is one of the tribes pastimes. Volcanic
minerals are used to create weapons to hunt the creatures and to carve the
islands trees to make sea going canoes. They also gather fruit and nuts from
the jungle to add to their diet.

     The IISS first surveyed the system 72 years ago in 1048 as part of the
Second Survey. The two week visit found the human stone age tribe and
several other mammals. Volcanic activity was also noted. No large deposit of
minerals was noted in the 5 week survey of the system. There
was no activity in the system during the 5th Frontier War. After the war the
Imperium annexed the planet. Recently the IISS has sent a survey team to the
planet to investigate slow decrease of
the population. The Donosev class ship has left from the main subsector
scout base at Karin.

Some customs of the tribe from WBH (DGP) -

The stone age tribe wears tree dwelling rodent skins as symbols of high
The warriors of the tribe shave their heads.
Marriages must be blessed by the elders of the tribe.

Tree dwelling rodent stats -

CT - Intermittent 6 kg, hits 5/12 armor none weapons - teeth, A9 F7 S1

GURPS - ST 2 DX 14 IQ HT 13/3 Move/Dodge 7/7 PD/DR 0/0
Damage 1d-5 cr reach: C Size below 1, Weight 12lbs

(I imagine them as large squirrels with long arms and prehensile tails)

IMTU the humans are either a minor race or descendants from settlers fleeing
the dying Vilani Empire. I don't want to give it away to any potential
players :) I know that having the planets inhabitants be Vilani is non
canon. I figured since there are Vilani settlers in other areas of the
Marches what's a few parasecs over.....

The "government" of the planet is class C. There is a chief of each village
on the planet. The humans survive by fishing in the ocean and growing small
gardens. They create weapons from volcanic minerals found in the mountains
in the center of the islands.

Adventure seeds - 1. The PC's are members of a mega-corp survey team ready
to exploit the resources of the world. On the other hand they maybe members
of a IISS team which may recommend the world for a red zone designation to
protect the Stone Age tribe.

2. Ship encounters a) A Zhodani Shiva class patrol frigate is refueling at a
gas giant in the system.
Are they up to anything else? b) An Aslan Ihatei class transport has been
spotted in system. Have the Ihatei arrived to claim this tropical planet
from the Stone Age tribe?

3. Since the world is at the edge of the Imperium....why not a pirate base
in the outer system? The Pirates in District 268 would have another "base"
to come to...and it's a jump away from the


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