Lunion/Lunion           Spinward Marches          2124


By Geoffrey Michael


Lunion             2124            A995984-D    A Hi In         810            M3D             M7D


Lunion Star System


            The Lunion system consists of two stars, with two major bodies and one planetoid belt. 


Orbit                Name                           UWP                           Remarks

Primary            Ashiru                          M3D

0                      Luuggash Belt              F000224-C                Mining

1                      Gashagur                     A424464-D                Naval Base

2                      Lunion                          A995984-D                A Hi In

3                      Urigare             M7D

4                      Empty


Primary: Binary, major  - Ashiru , spectral class M3 D.  Mass 1.009.  Stellar diameter 0.005.  Luminosity  0.07.  Companion (1 AU) - Urigare , spectral class M7 D.  Mass 1.334.  Stellar diameter 0.0047.  Luminosity 0.00003. 


Lunion: Mean orbital radius 59.53 million km (0.4 AU).  Period 87.7 standard days.  Diameter 14,420 km.  Mass 0.765.  Density 0.68.  Mean surface gravity 0.537.  Rotation period 23h 46m 30s.  Axial inclination 46° 15’ 37”.  Energy absorption 0.747.  No satellites.  Surface atmospheric pressure 1.90.  Composition standard nitrogen oxygen mix with pollutant taint.  Hydrographic percentage 49%.  Mean surface temperature -237.44°C.  No native life.  Total world population 8.09 billion.  Primary city – Lunaria, 6 billion.  World government is a civil service bureaucracy.  Tech level – high common 13, low common 12.  Primary resources – agroproducts, non-metals, parts, durables, consumables, recordings, software, documents. 



Lunion is the subsector capital of Lunion, subsector K of the Spinward Marches.  Despite its harsh environment, Lunion is home to a flourishing society.  The surface is much too cold for life, so all cities are constructed deep underground.  Virtually everything is built underground, even the down starport, which has large airlocks to facilitate the transfer of ships from the life-threatening cold outside to underground hangars.  Lunion has a very religious society, with a large number of deities that are associated with various locales.  Each area has its own deity that is especially revered, but the other deities are worshipped as well.  Most native Lunions are peaceable and non-aggressive and so acts of violence are quite rare unless committed by offworlders.

            Lunion society is centered on the family, with extended families living together in large complexes.  Marriage is required for native citizens, and anyone over 30 that is not married cannot be a citizen.  As a result, divorce is quite rare, although it is still quite legal.  Public officials are required to remarry within three years of a divorce or death of a spouse.  Women hold the dominant roles in society, and most high public officials are women.  Married couples typically live with the family of whichever partner assumes the secondary or submissive role, which on Lunion is frequently a male. 

            Although society on Lunion is quite religious and traditional, it is still surprisingly open in regards to personal behavior.  The natives are quite friendly to visitors, although some offworlders manage to offend native Lunions with outward displays of aggressive behavior.  Even raising one’s voice is considered to be rude.

            Lunion’s population is overwhelmingly human, although since it has such a high population and is a major crossroads for interstellar trade and traffic, many other races can be seen from time to time, particularly in the starport.  The Aslan trading company Tyeyo Fteahrao Yolr maintains offices in the orbital complex, and thus Aslan are the most commonly encountered alien race. 

            There is one major orbital complex – the orbital city of Lisurion, which is an enormous facility holding the orbital starport as well as extensive living quarters for its employees.  Several Imperial megacorporations, such as Makhidkarun, Sharurshid, Tukera Lines, and Oberlindes Lines, have large local offices and facilities.  The shipping company Al Morai also has a major storage facility there for transshipment of goods. 




Lunion is governed by a series of ruling councils.  The Supreme Council exercises control over all executive and legislative matters.  Secondary councils are specialized and deal with judicial matters.  For example, there are specialized councils for dealing with various types of crimes: a trade council for dealing with trade disputes; a domestic council for dealing with matters of marriage, divorce, and child custody; and a corrections council for dealing with all violent crimes. 

In accordance with Lunion’s matriarchal traditions, all council members on Lunion are female, although men are allowed some management positions in local corporations and can also serve as officers in the military. 


LUNION LEGAL PROFILE            4-15561


OVERALL: 4 – undivided; the law applies equally to all, regardless of status.


Weapons: 1 – virtually all weapons are allowed, with the exception of : biological/chemical/nuclear weapons; easily concealable weapons such as body pistols and integral laser pistols; and explosives.

Trade: 5 – businesses are regulated somewhat to ensure honesty, protect consumers, and prevent monopolies.  The government generally enforces these regulations without fail.

Criminal law: 5 – physical crimes are harshly punished with long prison terms, although other crimes (especially so-called “victimless” crimes) are usually punished with fines only.

Civil law: 6 – Personal suits are generally allowed, although they undergo a rigid screening process.  Lawsuits deemed “frivolous” or “without merit” frequently result in heavy fines for the filing party. 

Personal freedom: 1 – virtually all behavior that does not inflict or encourage physical harm is allowed, although some aspects of personal behavior (such as marriage) are regulated. 





High common: D

Low common: C


Energy: F

Computers/robotics: C

Communications: C

Medical: B

Environment: F


Land transport: F

Water transport: F

Air transport: F

Space transport: F


Personal military: F

Heavy military: F


Novelty: F




Ground component: Lunaria Down Port, a Type A starport.

Orbital component: Lisurion Orbital Starport, a Type A starport.

Ship construction capability: up to 1 million tons.

Ship repair capability: All regular annual maintenance possible, including replacement of major components; structural repairs such as replacement of hull sections possible; large numbers of parts and components on hand.

Dock size: Orbital – up to 10 million tons total.  Down – Up to 10 million tons, but no streamlined vessels larger than 1,000 tons can land (anything larger will not fit into the bays). 

Fuel availability: Refined fuel available.

Non-living cargo handling: All special packaging available, including Special Environment.  Cargo loading for items up to 1000 tons available. 

Live cargo handling: Herds – large groups of animals can be maintained for up to one week. 

Business facilities: Most services available, including consular and diplomatic services.

Tourist facilities: Most services available, including hotels and other transient residential facilities, gambling and other recreational facilities, legal and medical assistance, an extensive Traveller’s Aid Society facility, and consular services. 





The Lunion system is the location of the headquarters for the 43rd Fleet of the Imperial Navy and the 1043rd Reserve Fleet.  Some of the fleet’s components have Lunion as their home port, while others are based at the subsector’s other naval bases at Shirene (2125), Capon (2324), and Strouden (2327).  The squadrons based at Lunion include the following:


            Battleship Squadron 43031

            Cruiser Squadron 43637

            Assault Squadron 43651

            Cruiser Squadron 43741 (Reserve)


The naval base for Lunion is not located adjacent to either of the starports, but rather is located on Gashagur, the only other planetary body in the system.  Since Gashagar has a thin atmosphere, the naval facilities are located both in orbit around that world as well as on the surface in order to accommodate unstreamlined vessels.  The entire population of Gashagur is made up of naval personnel.





            Lunion is a major stop on the express boat network.  Information, electronic mail, and other data are transferred to other express boats (for traffic continuing along the express boat route) or to scout/courier vessels for delivery to worlds off the main route. 

Any vessels of the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service that are undergoing repairs or are awaiting assignment at the Lunion Scout Base are assigned to Scout Squadron 43862.  Typically there is at least one type CF-15 Fleet Courier, five or six Type XT Express Boat Tenders, and a dozen or so Type S Scout/Couriers assigned to the squadron.  Unlike the Navy, the Scout Service has its base located within Lisurion Orbital Port, with an additional facility located adjacent to Lunaria Down Port.  All express boat facilities are (naturally) located at the orbital facility.

The Scout base also provides free fuel and repair work for any detached service vessels.  There are also some limited services available for detached or retired Scout personnel.