The Great TML Landgrab


This data was generated using the 'Extended System Generation Checklist' from Classic Traveller, Book 6: Scouts, a product of Game Designers Workshop, the Intellectual Property of which is held by Far Future Enterprizes.


Wurzburg/2237Glisten/Spinward Marches

System Data:

Orbit Name UPP Remarks

Primary Asgard G0 V Main Sequence (yellow)

1 Roche Y200000 0

2 (Empty Orbit)

3 Wurzburg C795300 A S IISS Highport

35 Sif Y232000 0

4 Loki Y515000 0

10 Hel Y1C1000 0 Plantary atmosphere virtually all CO2

60 Surtur Y113000 0

5 Planetiod Belt Y006000 0

6 Winken Y333000 0 Captured planet

7 Blinken Y100000 0 Captured planet

8 (Empty Orbit)

9 (Empty Orbit)

10 Nod Y108000 0 Captured planet

11 Ymir Y21A000 0

12 Fjord Y111000 0



World Data:(All figures based on Earth Standard)

World Volume Mass Surface Surface Escape Axial Tilt Eccen- % Luminous Change

Area Gravity Velocity (off vert.) tricity Periastron/Apastron


Roche .015 .015 .063 .240 2.69 20% .010 102 98

Wurzbug .670 .670 .766 .875 9.62 15% .100 121 81

Sif .015 .015 .063 .240 2.69 18% .010 102 98

Loki .244 .244 .391 .625 6.87 10% .025 105 95

Belt (2) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Winken .053 .053 .141 .377 4.13 30% .015 103 97

Blinken .0019 .0019 .015 .122 1.35 40% .005 101 99

Nod .0019 .0019 .015 .122 1.35 10% .005 101 99

Ymir .015 .015 .063 .240 2.69 10% .010 102 98

Fjord .0019 .0019 .015 .122 1.35 0% .005 101 99



Stellar Data:

Stellar Magnitude 4.57

Stellar Luminosity 1.21

Stellar Effective Temperature 6000*K

Stellar Radii 1.03

Stellar Masses 1.04

Spectral Class G0

Stellar Size code V (Main Sequence)

Color Yellow

Habitable Zone Distance 1.1 AU (std)

Orbital Period (Wurzburg) 174.6 days (std)

Orbital Distance (Wurzburg) 1.0 AU (std)







Wurzburg was settled either some time very late duing the Rule of Man, or very early into the Long Night; a lack of durable records precludes a more accurate assess-


The inhabitants apparently reached early TL9 in some areas, but were saddled with a 'throwaway' mentality wedded to an almost fanatical devotion to 'consumerism' that seemed to outstripped all other concerns.

As nearly as the IISS Planetological Survey Division can determine, very few controls (or perhaps none whatsoever) were placed upon Wurzburg's industrial complex regarding environmental damage. As a result, by the time contact was established in the early 500's, Wurzburg's citizens were more than ready for greener pastures. Descendants of Wurzburger's may be found throughout the Glisten subsector, and indeed, across the Spinward Main.

However, those remaining on Wurzburg, perhaps simply giving up hope of ever repairing their severly damaged environment, kept right on producing cheap products cheaply, to the continuing detriment of their biosphere, as the Scout Service looked on in horror. Strident, even shrill, calls from the Scouts were met with the chilly response that, first, the Third Imperium controlled space, not the planets in between; second, Imperial authorities had far better things to do than beat sense into a recalcitriant population; and, lastly, that the planets' population had dug this hole themselves, and they could bloody well get themselves out of it.

While all of this wrangling was going on, that situation on Wurzburg was worsen-

ing. As the environment became increasingly inhospitable, more and more people fled the world. Eventually, too few people remained to keep the flagging industrial facilities in working order, and Wurzburg's industrial base began to collapse.

Political collapse came in 1083, when the Special Congressional Directorate's Emergency Council deadlocked, then adjourned. They never reconvened. What was left of the population began to collapse in towards the downport, and those that could, left.

For the rest, a whole new version of hell began.



Current Events

Matters have remained at this level until today. The Scout Service, unable to effectively intervene, has turned its collective back on Wurzburg, only maintaining the Class 'C' highport as a minor repair and occasional rescue facility. The Service refuses its in-system personnel any on-planet liberty whatsoever (not that anyone would want to; the Scouts deal with enough hostile environments as it is).

The remaining population is still clustered about the ruins of the downport. A "council", made up of officers otherwise-unhireable mercenary units and a few outright criminals, control what little semblance of order remains on the world.

A self-declared "freeport", Wurzburg has swiftly earned a reputation as the 'Port Royal' of Glisten. Known to its denizens as "Wurtzy", the remaining inhabited areas are dark, dank, sweltering places, stinking of rust, lubricants and waste. All water on the planet must be filtered before drinking in order to avoid any number of mutated water-born maladies. The seas themselves, and what higher forms of life remain in them, are contaminated with heavy metals. What fresh food is available comes from small, care-

fully tended (and guarded) hydroponic gardens. Starship recycling units ("glop shops") are among the most valuable items the inhabitants own.

It was remarked by the last Scout Base Commander that "...hellish is somehow--inadequate," to describe this tired, sorry world. So hellish, in fact, that at least three Aslan ihatei have bypassed this this world in favor of land less forbidding.

About five thousand beings inhabit "Wurtzy", and it is speculated that perhaps ten- to fifteen thousand more remain scattered across the planet. A lack of effective government precludes a more accurate count.





Special Report

Glisten/Glisten (2036-A000986F) Date 078-1121


Political, military and business watchers (and, apparently, officials) were stunned today by news, via the 'X' Line, of the 'invasion' of the planet Wurzburg (2237/Glisten) C795300A by the planetary forces of Horosho (2138/Glisten) C3378A6A on 069-1121.

The Public Affairs Office of Shama'haz, Duchess of Glisten, released a brief state- ment that said, in part, "...We are very concerned by this development. We, of course, de-

plore and forbid, as is appropriate under Imperial Law, the waging of any intersteller 'war of aggression' by one Imperial Member World upon any other. Due to the special circumstances of this situation, however, We have delayed the deployment of fleet ele-

ments until We have studied the situation further. However, the 'Ghalalk'-class cruiser INSS Dri'ishan has been despatched today, with an observation committee of Navy and Marine officers and several Ducal officials, to monitor the situation on Wurzburg, and an official Embassy of Inquiry, led by the recently knighted Colonel Sir Edric Galvahn, of the Ducal Wardrobe, is underway to Jump-transition as this message is released, aboard the 'Sloan'-class INSS 'Valient Light', bound for Horosho to demand an explanation from Chancellor Dervan for the actions of her world's military forces..."

The Public Affairs officer declined to elaborate on the 'special circumstances' that precluded the deployment of fleet units.

The Imperial Navy Office aboard Glisten Main refused to comment, reffering all inquiries to the Duchess' P.A.O.

However, according to a source within the Navy Office, who wishes to remain anonymous, Naval Intelligence has been suspecting some sort move from Chancellor Dervan for some time, apparently in some sort of attempt to further strengthen her rule over Horosho, begun in 1098.

Speculation by some analysts runs to the effect that Horosho is suffering severe overcrowding of its habitats, and that this invasion may be an attempt at gaining 'lebensraum', an ancient Terran term for "elbow room", or breathing room.

TNS will, as always, issue the best information as soon as it becomes available.





Special Report

Glisten/Glisten (2036-A000986F) Date 079-1121


Confirmation was recieved late last night, Glisten Main Local Time, of the inva-

sion by Horosho (2138/Glisten) of Wurzburg (2237/Glisten) on 069-1121.

In an address broadcast throughout the Horoshan system, Chancellor of the Peoples Presidium Liisha'an Dervan, late of the Imperial Navy, and known to her subjects as 'Lish', announced the seizure of Wurzburg, saying in part, "...a 'new era' has dawned for this subsector of the Imperium. At 0845 hours, Capitol Arcology Local, Captain-General Shizuki informed me that an operation to restore order in the nearby system of Wurzburg had commenced, conducted by units of the Horoshan People's Militia.

"The intention of Horosho in taking such dramatic action is to restore tranquility and the Rule of Law to a beknighted world, abandoned by civilization. For decades, now, no action has been taken by extra-stellar authorities to quell the rising tide of disorder in what had been Wurzburg's downport; no action whatsoever has been taken to mitigate the damage to the planet's biosphere. Indeed, to the horror of those who pay attention to such things, Wurzburg, which under different circumstances would be a 'garden world', has been allowed to descend into a putrid den of scum and villany. And, still, the sub-

sector stood mutely by."

"The government of Horosho finds this situation intolerable, and has determined that action must be taken to remedy it. We have stepped into the breach that no one else seems to have had the stomach to..."

The Chancellor went on to identify the main units of the Horoshan military partic- ipating in the invasion, including the Horoshan Marine Corps' First Raider Company and the Twenty-seventh Expeditionary Force, both known to be equipped at TL9; the Horoshan Army's Fifteenth Regimental Combat Team, TL8, with two infantry battalions, a light armour squadron, and a light field artillery battery. Support units include the 17th Engineer Battalion, the 52nd Military Police Battalion, the 273rd Medical Battalion, and the 1506th Civil Affairs Battalion.

Units of the Horoshan military have functioned in support of Imperial operations in the past, most serving with distinction, particularly in the late war. Imperial Army and Marine sources have stated that most of the Horoshan military is considered to be of excellent quality.

Details of the Horoshan Navy units involved is murkier; indeed, military pundits openly question how Horosho could mount such an operation with such limited naval assets. Unconfirmed reports indicate that ships from 'Vyza Ltd.', a small shipping corporation with lines primarily running through Trojan Reach Sector, were leased for the operation.

TNS will, as always, issue the best infomation as soon as itbecomes available.